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Delivering Excellence in Construction Site Security

Plant theft and vandalism cost the construction industry more than £1 million per week

Construction sites represent a unique security challenge. The presence of temporary fences and security huts do little to deter determined intruders and the lack of core services (power, lighting, communications), together with a continuously changing environment, mean that traditional CCTV systems are of limited effectiveness.

To address these limitations, VPS Site Security has developed the VPS Smart Tower, a rugged, fully-integrated CCTV system that can easily be repositioned or extended as the site grows. Monitored by VPS’ National Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC), all intruders are recorded and immediately challenged by qualified operators. Full standards compliance ensures priority Police response to incidents, alternatively clients can opt for VPS Site Security’s own response team. The result is a professional security solution that is both more effective and less expensive than on-site guards.

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