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Event Security

Criminal gangs fly to the UK with the specific goal of hitting festivals

There are 7000 major outdoor events held in the UK every year, each representing a unique combination of culture, venue and attendees. Effective event security is required not only to provide a safe and secure environment for attendees and exhibitors, but also to protect and enhance the brand reputation of the event and its sponsors. Diverse, sometimes remote locations demand self-sufficient CCTV systems that can operate without power and external lighting, especially during build-up and break-down when supporting services are necessarily limited. During the event itself, effective co-ordination with local Police and an array of security professionals is paramount.

The VPS Site Security event solution addresses all these concerns with a combination of VPS Smart Towers, fully integrated, networked CCTV systems powered by emission-free hydrogen fuel cells, and a portable control room facility that can be installed anywhere on the site.

Learn how VPS Site Security helped protect the media centre at the Ryder Cup.

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