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Utility Site Security

Metal theft can have a significant impact on local communities who are often left without vital services. Metal theft can result in the disconnection of 999 services, the National Air Traffic Service and parts of the Ministry of Defence’s communication. There are clear public safety issues caused by the theft of metal.

Utility Site Security

Electricity, gas and water distribution networks cover the length and breadth of the country and the associated maintenance and renewal programmes are critical to the safe and successful operation of UK plc. The scale and transient nature of such projects pose problems in terms of security, especially in remote areas encompassing public rights of way where theft and interference can occur unnoticed.

Today, guards are the most common solution but these tend to expensive and are often ineffectual. Therefore, VPS Site Security has tailored a solution specifically for the utility sector comprising the VPS Smart Tower, a series of customised accessories such as cable pit access detectors and a mobile, rapid response guarding service. The result is a professional security solution that is both more effective and less expensive than simply throwing manpower at the problem.

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