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VPS Alert Cam – wireless security camera system with motion sensors

The VPS Alert Cam is a state-of-the-art, armoured, video verified PIR wireless security camera system that can also be supplied as a standalone system with the control panel housed within a property or secure site cabin.

VPS Alert Cam wireless security cameras strategically placed in vulnerable areas will protect your property or site 24 hours a day saving you from ongoing expensive security guards.

Being completely self-powered and with GPRS RF wireless communication means that the VPS Alert Cam security cameras can be installed virtually anywhere and easily adopted to your site as it evolves.

How does the VPS AlertCam security camera work?

This versatile security solution offers a 10-second full colour video clip upon being triggered. This video is then automatically transferred to the VPS Monitoring Centre, manned by our security professionals 24/7 to verify whether the captured activity requires an immediate response, dispatching a mobile uniformed officer to the site if confirmed as an illegal trespass.

Proactive site security with VPS Alert Cam

Key advantages of the VPS Alert Cam security camera:

  • The intrusion is detected and verified within seconds
  • Proven to be more cost-effective than manned guarding
  • Provides 24/7 monitoring
  • Perfect site security solution for protecting small construction sites, or locations without power
  • Various fixing options: wall mounting, pole or even magnetic mounting
  • Easy installation – it can be installed, relocated, or removed in a matter of hours
  • Completely independent of any power source or Wi-Fi network connection
  • Operates solely on Lithium batteries with a 2-year life expectancy
  • Can be used as a temporary or a long term site security solution
  • Bright yellow colour provides a visible deterrent to intruders
  • By installing and strategically positioning the VPS Alert Cam wireless security camera system throughout the site, you will ensure that all your vulnerable areas and valuables are well protected.

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