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VPS FireAlert Wes+

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VPS FireAlert Wes+ - next-generation wireless fire alarm systems for construction sites

Ensure your construction site is fire-safe with VPS FireAlert Wes+

VPS FireAlert Wes+product range is an innovative construction site fire safety system to protect personnel, materials and buildings on construction sites. All Wes+ products were specifically engineered to deliver the highest standards of legislative compliance while meeting the unique fire safety challenges of construction sites.

The aim of VPS FireAlert Wes+ wireless fire alarm system is to give the workforce the earliest possible warning of fire, allowing the maximum time to escape and call the fire and emergency services if required. As a result, this early fire alert can reduce the risk of injury, provide more time to restrain fire spread and minimise damage and financial loss.

Benefits of the VPS FireAlert Wes+ wireless fire alarm system:

  • Quick and easy setup – it takes just a few minutes for units to be on active duty
  • Flexible, practical and reliable - the system can easily be adjusted as construction progresses
  • Real-time system monitoring - each unit monitors itself (battery, signal, etc.)
  • When a VPS FireAlert Wes+ unit is triggered, the entire zone will be alerted minimising the risk of material damage and injury to personnel
  • Wes+ wireless fire alarm system units can be reused on future projects
  • Cost-effective - there’s no wiring, so no need for specialist installation
  • 3+ years battery life; reducing lifetime costs and need for constant replacement
  • Unlimited number of Wes+units can be connected on one site
  • VPS FireAlert Wes+ app allows the fire safety officer to check the status of the network at any time

Deploying the VPS FireAlert WES+ devices on a construction site:

WES+ construction site fire safety system in use
  • VPS FireAlert Wes+ devices can be deployed as soon as the cabins are on aconstruction site and the build is out of the ground.
  • Fire Points are placed according to your fire plan
    • Normally at every stairwell or lift shaft – and can be added as the build progresses.
    • Heat, smoke or dust-proof smoke detectors provide active fire protection in enclosed areas and in temporary accommodation units.
  • All your VPS FireAlert Wes+ system devices are connected into a network. In the wake of fire, any unit can trigger a site wide alarm, whether actively in the case of the detection units or manually via the Fire Points.
  • The Base Station will inform you where the triggering unit is so you can pinpoint the fire. You can also set up text alerts to help you provide an immediate response. If you have the VPS FireAlert Wes+ app, you can also export reports of your silent test results and any activations for full reporting and tracking.
  • Once the construction project is complete, you can easily re-use your VPS FireAlert Wes+ units on your next project.

The VPS FireAlert Wes+ system fully approved and externally certified to meet the legal requirements and recommendations of insurers.

WES+ construction site fire safety systems meet vital fire safety legislation:

  • EN54 and the Construction Products Regulation
  • HSE Fire Regulations for Construction sites (HSG168)
  • European Standards covering the use of Radio technology in emergency equipment (ETSI 300-220-1)
  • Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice
  • Structural Timber Association Guidelines
  • BS5839 – WES+ can be installed to BS5839, enabling use in temporary accommodation units

WES+ construction site fire safety systems are fitted with Category 1 wireless receivers, which are the highest level, most reliable wireless receivers on the market – they’re specifically recommended for use in systems protecting human life.

Useful downloads:

VPS FireAlert WES+ Brochure

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VPS FireAlert Wes+ products

Vps Firealert Wes Fire Point

WES+ Fire point

WES+ Fire point incorporates fire alarm sounder and a manual call point for activating the alarm.

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Vps Firealert Wes Heat Detector

WES+ smoke and heat detectors

Connect directly to the WES system to activate the fire alarm system in the event of fire.

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Vps Firealert Wes Fire Interface

WES+ InterfaceFireAlert

The interface makes it possible to connect external devices to the VPS FireAlert Wes+ system

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Wes Coupling Unit Radio Link

WES+ Link unit

The Link unit helps expand the VPS FireAlert Wes+ system in large, extended locations

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Vps Firealert Wes Base Station

WES+ Base Station

The Base Station provides comprehensive system reporting and configuration.

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Vps Firealert Wes App

WES+ App

The VPS FireAlert® app provides complete wireless fire alarm reporting and easy system configuration

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