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  • “ The depots comprised some 1.6 million sq ft of space, and the timing of the closure, over the seasonal holiday, made it more challenging to complete the process of protecting and securing all the premises. We instructed VPS on 30th December and by the close of day on 31st all 51 depots had had SmartAlarms installed.”

    Charles King
    Joint Administrator, Ernst & Young

  • “The cameras were a great deterrent and the anti-social behaviour in the area has almost disappeared.”

    Ally Burns
    Neighbourhood Police Officer, Scotland

VPS SmartAlarm

Wireless Monitored Security Alarm System

VPS SmartAlarm uses advanced alarm technology to protect your vacant property or site from the moment it becomes empty. Designed and developed by VPS, the VPS SmartAlarm offers remote monitored security with rapid response. Vacant property and land are a prime target for unauthorised visitors such as vandals, trespassers, travellers and squatters. In all cases prevention is not only better than cure, but a far easier and more cost effective option.By utilising innovative alarm technology VPS can help deter break-ins and avoid costly vandalism, as well as being able to monitor suspicious activity.

Key features:

  • Uses wireless internal and external sensors to monitor the entire site and protect against intruders.
  • Pairs with smoke and moisture detectors to alert on fire and flooding.
  • Requires no mains electricity or hard wiring. Powered by a long life battery, lasting up to two years.
  • Communicated over the GSM mobile phone network so requires no phone line.
  • Alarm uses voice commands to warn intruders that their presence has been detected and security officers are on their way. This is followed by a 113 decibel siren.
  • When an alarm is activated our 24/7 national monitoring centre is instantly alerted and dispatches our local security response teams.

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Benefits and other features

Our advanced empty property alarms are entirely stand-alone with a long-life battery and on-board tamper detection.

  • Can be installed in tandem with our sensors (internal and external to your property).
  • Provides instant detection and alerting on a range of incidents including:
    • intruders
    • flooding
    • fire
  • Can also be paired with pressure mats and door sensors
  • Our vacant property alarms include audio warning messages and a 113 decibel siren
  • This feature can be turned off for covert monitoring if preferred (for minimal disruption)
  • Our alarms are encased in the same material used in riot shields and can withstand attack

Personal Identification Device

For simplicity and security, users of our systems are provided with a Personal Identification Device(s) (PID) which contain an encrypted serial number and password. The keyholder simply touches the alarm with the PID to deactivate or reactivate it. Should they forget, our alarms can be programmed to re-arm themselves.

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