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  • “ The depots comprised some 1.6 million sq ft of space, and the timing of the closure, over the seasonal holiday, made it more challenging to complete the process of protecting and securing all the premises. We instructed VPS on 30th December and by the close of day on 31st all 51 depots had had SmartAlarms installed.”

    Charles King
    Joint Administrator, Ernst & Young

  • “The cameras were a great deterrent and the anti-social behaviour in the area has almost disappeared.”

    Ally Burns
    Neighbourhood Police Officer, Scotland

VPS SmartAlarm Gold

Wireless Alarm System with Video Sensors

VPS SmartAlarm Gold is our most advanced alarm unit. The alarm is entirely stand-alone with a long-life battery and on-board tamper detection, and provides instant visual detection and alerting on a range of incidents including intruders, flooding and smoke. VPS SmartAlarms deter unauthorised visitors :

  • Completely wireless, remotely monitored alarm system
  • Alerts on intruders, fire and flooding
  • State of the art capabilities including camera enabled sensors

Key features:

  • Alarm and PIR’s are easy and quick to install and simple to use
  • Wireless sensors means no hardwiring is required
  • Entirely stand-alone with a long-life battery
  • On-board tamper and flood detection
  • Instantly reports all detected incidents to monitoring station
  • Incorporates voice messaging for ease of use by authorised visitors
  • 113dB siren to deter intruders
  • Encased in a strong metal enclosure and high impact dome
  • Utilises a unique Personal Identification Device (PID key) for extra security and ease of use

The alarm unit is installed with our range of advanced wireless sensors, including the state of the art wireless camera sensor- Verifeye Visual which can be fitted both internally and externally as required. The alarm can also be paired with our full range of additional sensors including pressure mats, door sensors, remote keypads, providing the most advanced security solutions on the market.

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SmartAlarm Gold with Verifeye Visual Sensor camera

SmartAlarm Gold and Verifeye Visual

The combination of VPS SmartAlarm Gold and Verifeye Visual wireless camera sensor provides customers with the most advanced alarm solution on the market.

View our video demonstration to see the quality of video you will receive.

On activation the Verifeye Visual will capture:

  • Afull colour 20 second video clip at 5 frames per second,
  • With 6 seconds of this video immediately relayed to our 24/7 monitoring station,
  • Followed by the remainder of the video straight after.

The monitoring station will then review the footage and dispatch the local roaming security team to attend if required. Utilising these innovative cameras will not only help eliminate false triggers but can also assist in the identification of intruders.